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Josh Dinnerman Media is organized under Jddmedia.
JDDMEDIA, headquarted in Honolulu ,Hawaii, is a international developer ,owner and operator of niche content,media products such as magazines,specialty publications,online publishing,photos, and copy for multiple subject categories.JDDMEDIA short for JOSHUA DAVID DINNERMAN Media has also used it`s niche media focus for various other media programs in radio and broadcast.
JDDMEDIA`s collection of media titles includes it`s flagship Japanese language GOLFVIEW magazine which was Joshua Dinnerman`s first title.In addition JDDMEDIA publishes several other magazines including MILITARY VIEW it`s exclusive armed forces magazine,SENIOR VIEW a publication focused on healthcare,financial services and retirement issues.
JDDMEDIA also produces MUSIC VIEW,FASHION VIEW,DINING AND WINE VIEW and HOTEL &SPA VIEW as well as numerous others.Joshua Dinnerman has developed more then 35 unique content areas.JOSHUA DAVID DINNERMAN MEDIA also has a photo image operation ,content creation and planning section,and produces various online iniatives.JDDMEDIA also does research,consulting,training and has an affiliated public relations and advertising agency.
Joshua David Dinnerman Media has adopted a distribution strategy that is considerably more aggressive and tightly focused than its competition. Its variety for niche markets, and the number of markets it distributes in exceed those of its competitors. No other magazines develop brand awareness and loyalty among readers who buy associates products and services to the extent that our publications do. Dinnerman Media magazines will continue to offer advertisers the most productive medium for print advertising, and will continue to command the loyalty of premium-brand companies.